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Self-love, Acceptance and Embracing a Balanced Lifestyle – with Ashley Basiri

Ashley Basiri is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Eating Disorder Recovery Coach Director of Instructor Operations (at B/SPOKE) Head of LEVEL UP (at B/SPOKE) R/DE + STRENGTH Instructor at B/SPOKE. She is also a force to be reckoned with. Join in my conversation with Ashley to hear all about her journey to living a […]

Productivity Secrets of Female Millionaires Summit Creator- Alex Lianne Carter

Alex Lianne Carter, High-Performance Productivity NeuroCoach™, is bringing together 25+ Experts & Top Influencers who are sharing their TOP SECRETS with you on Mindset, Finances, Scaling, Leadership, Productivity Habits for FEMALE MILLIONAIRES. You can get full access to all — for free — by clicking here You will walk away with 25+ action steps […]

Balancing in Louboutin’s, With HR VP of Americas, Aly Pennotti

What is something you are proud of in your career? Well, most recently, I have to say, I am proud of how I was able to be promoted to Vice President- and after having my third child – and while in the midst of a pandemic.  I think that was pretty cool to be able […]

From “Jack” of all jobs, to PMF Master of all things Fitness.

Do you remember your first time walking into a gym?  Was it in your High School? A local studio? A national chain? YMCA? I must admit, coming from an athletic family I always loved the gym, even as a young teen.  It was a place I could go to accomplish a goal.  Whether I wanted […]

Dr. Joelle Lieman & Elite Esthetics….Career pivoting to your purpose

Dr. Joelle Lieman How she Career Pivoted to her PURPOSE! Dr. Joelle defines herself in no particular order….  I am a woman.  I am a businesswoman.  I am a mother of three gorgeous teenage boys.  I am a Physician – surgeon and all.  I am a wife.  I am a forever student of dance.  I […]

My 5 Takeaways from Schitt$ Creek (and 2020)

1. YOU CAN ALWAYS START OVER Thinking about starting a business, reinventing yourself, finding a new job, path, life pivot?  I give you permission to JUST START. There is no timeline for milestones.  At any stage you have the power to choose the right next move for YOU. Sometimes (like with the Rose’s) things are […]


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