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Three Ways To Tap Into Your Own Aesthetic Intelligence

Three Ways To Tap Into Your Own Aesthetic Intelligence  

I was recently introduced to Pauline Brown’s book, Aesthetic Intelligence. If you’re not familiar, it breaks down the concept of what makes a luxury brand truly luxury. Because aren’t we all looking for that next level for ourselves?  

Of course, the first step is realizing our vision and choosing which way to pivot (if at all). However, the process of that journey is where you can find your own aesthetic sweet spot to your personal brand. 

The three best ways to do this are by…

Being open to sharing your experiences…however messy they are. 

One way I have found success in doing what I do is by sharing my experiences, both professional as well as personal. It has put me on the map as a trusted source in my industry. Using the same concepts of aesthetic intelligence, I’ve been able to connect with my audience in an authentic way. In a nutshell, showing your true self just makes you more relatable. Whether you’re selling services as a business or trying to get that dream job to notice you…people “buy” from people. 

So, don’t be afraid to share who you are and how you got there. It’s the essence of your personal brand. 

Honing in on your leadership skills.

As the CEO of YOUR LIFE, it’s up to you to lead with purpose. You can hire the best people but it comes down to your values as a leader. Whether or not you’re in charge of a team, it’s all in how you’re representing yourself as your brand. 

It’s where you show up as the authentic, confident woman you are, who owns her story by: 

  1. taking responsibility of that story, and 
  2. sharing that story with the world 

It takes a lot of gumption to not conform to the “standards” and instead, just owning who you are, unapologetically.

Infusing life into whatever you are doing. 

Remember that iconic moment in Legally Blonde, when Elle interviews at Harvard and hands them a scented resume? Sure, it was hilariously brilliant but also…way to shine bright and stand out, amiright?! 

It’s those small unique touches that elevate who you are and raise your aesthetic IQ that much more. Because it’s not in the creative – it’s in the strategy. So buckle down and take stock of what makes you you.  

I know it can be scary separating yourself from yourself in order to find your path. But digging into that hard work is sooo rewarding. And I am always here to help guide your way. Whether you’ve got an idea of where you need to go but need that extra push to level up your brand, or you’re struggling to figure out how to pivot, I’ll help you find that a-ha moment you’re lusting after. 

I want the absolute best for you! 


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