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How To Navigate The Great Resignation With Purpose

How To Navigate The Great Resignation With Purpose 

It’s no secret that after the 2020 shutdowns, the economy took a big hit. People were losing jobs en masse and businesses were closing left and right.

So, when things started looking up, with businesses looking for ways to pivot and new positions opening up across industries in the corporate world, it was kind of a shocker to see headlines in the media, calling out, “The Great Resignation.” 

After all, weren’t workers looking forward to “getting back to normal?”

Well, not quite… 


People are reevaluating priorities. Like really reevaluating them. 

As an ACC accredited CMCC Master Career and Business coach that has managed the development of highly successful professionals, I can say with full confidence that the job market shift in the height of the pandemic put many individuals on a self-discovery journey. And I’m willing to bet that journey was a long time coming, too. 

More often than not, the loss of a job at any time causes people to really look within themselves and figure out if their current ambitions actually align with their true passions. The pandemic however, added a powerful extra layer to this emotional breakthrough… people took this time to reflect on their values and what’s really important to them in life. So much loss came from the past two years, and people are more ready than ever to live with purpose. 

Shutting down really opened up the gates to expand our universal parameters. 

With all of the major pivots humanity made in survival mode, the biggest one was probably the internet. Obviously the world wide web is no radical concept, but those who had never tapped into the freedom it could give them from the conformity of traditional workplaces, were now running in troves to greener pastures they never thought possible. They were essentially forced to think about their desires. 

People realized and are still coming to terms with the fact that they have true control over their lives. They had all this time to quietly look inwards and realize they could move and have a better quality of life that they never thought possible, previously. Most people stuck in a rut stay there until something monumental happens. 

For me, it was experiencing burnout in the Fall 2019. I felt very lost. In some ways, I could have just let everything that happened to me, happen to me. But I wanted to fix myself, I wanted to be better. I wanted to be the motivated, passionate individual that I am.

So I pressed pause and set out on a self-discovery journey to understand a little bit more how I can help other women. It was something I was always very passionate about…. helping other people, inspiring other people, being a cheerleader, because I do believe in everybody’s unique potential.

Become unapologetically authentic. 

It took me a long time to embrace what makes me unique. 

For much of my life I was all about conforming, fitting in spaces and boxes even if I was not comfortable just to make someone happy or to “follow the corporate guidelines”. 

Fast forward to today and a lot of work on myself, I am living with more confidence in sharing my unique talents openly and feeling the MOST comfortable in my own skin than I ever have in my life….owning who I am, unapologetically.

If you’re realized your true calling and are ready to expand yourself outside of your comfort zone, then let’s celebrate and move forward with your new mission! I will work with you to break through struggles and challenges to align actionable steps to meet all your goals at whatever stage you are in, allowing for a more authentic pivot to your ultimate purpose. 

Let us take this journey together!