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How To Authentically Emerge From The Pandemic

Embracing the lows of the last year and a half, as much as the highs, is the most powerful thing we can do as we climb out of a global pandemic with intention. The pandemic is not over by any means. However, working together in uncertain times is how we will all shine and lift each other up.

But, real talk?

Working together in all times is the way to achieve our best selves.

I am forever grateful for all the highs and lows that have molded me into the most unapologetically authentic self that I am living today…and that was pre-pandemic! So if you’re just now picking yourself up and trying to figure out how to take all of the adversity that 2020 and 2021 may have thrown your way and move forward on life’s journey, then listen up:

Your story is unapologetically YOU, so be sure to tell it.

Use that and take control of your narrative. Mindset is a powerful tool that navigates our internal self-talk around the clock. How we talk to ourselves, how we treat ourselves, our habits, all support this alignment and if you are still holding on to negative self-talk internally in your day today, you are resisting against your own wishes.

Take stock of where you feel good…and where you don’t.

When you continue to be stuck in scarcity, it’s hard to see that things happen for you and not to you. That mindset is how I lived for a good portion of my life. But when I shifted my perspective and really honed in on the areas that genuinely made me feel good, it helped me leverage my talents further to serve people better, and get out of the things that did not make me feel good.

Ask for help when you need it.

This is hands down the most authentic place you can come from. It takes vulnerability and strength to reach out and ask for someone else’s help. For me, that was hiring a coach. Yes, a coach hired a coach! Why? Because we all deserve to reach our highest potential and transformation is a big part of that. When you give yourself the space and resources to tap into someone else’s view of your universe, you set the ultimate intention of living in alignment with your most authentic self.

My story is one of trauma to triumph and I wouldn’t change one thing about my experiences, even at my lowest point. The struggle is what gives us the strength and resilience to keep going because we have no choice otherwise. They are lessons that you’ll take with you on your entire life’s journey, filling you with incredible grace and gratitude.

How far I have come to this point, still amazes me.