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Pivot with Purpose with Meghan Houle Season 2 Ep 5

Kate Eckman earned her B.A. in communications from Penn State University, where she was an Academic All-American swimmer. She received her master’s degree in broadcast journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. She graduated at the highest level from Columbia University’s executive and organizational coaching program. Kate is also a certified International Coaching Federation coach (ACC) and a licensed NBI consultant.

Kate is the author of, The Full Spirit Workout: A 10-Step System to Shed Your Self-Doubt, Strengthen Your Spiritual Core, and Create a Fun & Fulfilling Life, which helps readers excel at the game of life with research-backed strategies (New World Library, April 27th, 2021). 

Passionate about mindfulness practices for both brain and body health, Kate is a meditation teacher and course creator for Insight Timer, the world’s number-one ranked free meditation app. Visit her online at www.kate

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FC Podcasts: [00:00:00] Pivot with Purpose, a podcast that highlights the unique stories of
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Meghan Houle: [00:00:33] Welcome back to the Pivot with Purpose podcast. I’m your host
Meghan Houle, and in this episode, we talked to Kate Eckman, executive leadership coach
,TV personality, and author of the full spirit workout, a 10 step system to shed your self
doubt, strengthen your spiritual core and create a fun and fulfilling life.
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Meghan Houle: [00:01:27] Kate brings her expertise in communications performance and
mindfulness through her practice as a successful coach for business leaders and professional
athletes. She earned a BA in communications from Penn State University where she was an
academic All-American swimmer and received her master’s degree in broadcast journalism
from Northwestern University, School of Journalism. She also graduated at the highest level
from Columbia University’s executive and organizational coaching program, and is a certified
ICF coach and licensed NBI consultant.
Passionate about mindfulness practices for both brain and body health, she is also a
meditation teacher and course creator for Insight Timer, the world’s first ranked free
meditation app. Kate Eckman, welcome to the Pivot with Purpose podcast! Thank you for
joining us today. How are you?
Kate Eckman: [00:02:20] I am great. Thank you so much for having me. It’s my joy and
pleasure to be here.
Meghan Houle: [00:02:25] Well, I have been looking forward to our conversation for a very
long time and learning more about all that you’re doing through your various coaching
programs and your powerful, I will say, must read book, The Full Spirit Workout, which we
will get into.
So girl, are you ready to get this party started?
Kate Eckman: [00:02:43] Girl, I am ready. I hope your listeners are ready. Phil is ready! If you
don’t know Phil, Phil is a huge part of the show behind the scenes. So welcome everybody.
I’m so excited.

Meghan Houle: [00:02:53] Yes, we are so lucky to have a great crew here. And before we get
started, I love to learn something fun and maybe open a window into a day in the life of Kate
to get a little personal to start. So tell me what is something that is a non-negotiable for you
in your morning routine, if you have one.
Kate Eckman: [00:03:09] Oh, I love this question. It is my sit and stare time, which is
minimum five minutes a day, but I usually do a minimum an hour.
I can break it up, but sometimes do it all at once. And what that is is just what it says. I sit
and I stare out the window. I stare straight ahead. I talk to myself as if I’m a small child and
check in and say, how are you doing? What’s working? If I’m feeling extra bold and
courageous, I say, great job, I’m so proud of you. But this is my time to really connect with
distraction-free turn off all the noise and really it’s my time to be even more practiced at
listening, not to my head and the ego that wants to tell us how we’re not good enough or
don’t measure up. But I’m talking about listening to that divine wisdom, our intuition,
whatever you want to call it, and really tapping into that to get the support and guidance
that helps me make better decisions and gives me that inspiration to send the email, to
reach out to the person.
Because I’ve been doing these practices for so long, now people reach out to me. So I don’t
even really have to try. I’ve become the person who attracts the opportunities and
experiences. And that’s why this is such a non-negotiable practice for me.
Meghan Houle: [00:04:21] I hear you Kate and changing my routine, used to watch the news
The Today Show, you need that silence. You need to have a moment without your phone,
without the computer to really think. And I love the ideas that come to me or the thoughts
and you set yourself in a better mindset when you give yourself a moment.
I think we all need to continue that. And I also feel like your book has been a big inspo as I
know in The Full Spirit Workout, you give us a little hallmark, a little journaling. Finding time
to do all the things that we love that can really set us up for success every day. So thank you
for sharing a little of that.
As we navigate into your career and at the heart of this podcast, talking about career
journeys and pivots, you’ve had a pretty impressive career journey in journalism, and as a on
air TV personality with QVC and HSN. So can you tell us a little bit more about some of those
highlights in your career, and then maybe about some of your current projects?
I know you have a lot of really cool things going on!
Kate Eckman: [00:05:17] Oh, thank you, feel like a cat with nine lives. And so I want to share
that with people that it really is a testament that you can change your mind. You don’t have
to do the same thing forever. You don’t have to be in the same career forever.
I think as you expand and grow, which hopefully everyone is doing, your interests will
expand and grow, and you’ll become a different person who wants different things and

wants to be fulfilled in a deeper, more meaningful way. And so giving yourself that space
and knowing that it’s okay and actually a really great thing, if you’re outgrowing something.
Now there’s people like my brother, who’s a doctor and he’ll be in the same career forever
and that’s awesome. But I think as entrepreneurs, we need to give ourselves a lot of grace
and a lot of freedom, and if something isn’t working or bringing us joy that we are able to
make the switch.
And so, yes I went to journalism school. I was covering hard news and all the death and
destruction and the local news markets. And I was in Hollywood interviewing people like
Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, and the biggest names in Hollywood and I’ve been at
Cook County Juvenile Court as a print reporter.
So I really have run the gamut and have done the TV presenting and all of the things. And so
I did have a very forward facing career and I was on that hamster wheel and the rat race in
New York city and finding some excitement in it, but also I just felt like I had a deeper
purpose and I always felt this calling to want to help people in a profound way.
And I was a very curious person which lent itself to journalism. But I think I was just always
more curious about people and who they were underneath all of their titles and labels and
limitations, quite frankly. And I think all of us are just trying to keep it together behind the
scenes, quite frankly.
And no one’s really seeing that struggle. And I really want to blow the lid off that, that
everyone is struggling even the most material successful people. Cause I work with a lot of
them and they’re struggling underneath to find more meaning and fulfillment. So I think my
journey and I had the wake up calls of losing two loved ones to suicide and really having to
look at the way I was choosing to live my life and who was a woman who like everybody,
quite frankly, I’m calling everybody out, was choosing to put my worth outside of myself.
And when we do that, we can never have enough or be enough. And so I really had to come
up with this inner fitness program and start to really get clear on who I am and what I really
want, not what I want in terms of what society says or what our parents have done, what
our friends are doing.
But what I really, really wanted, because I find that I don’t really subscribe to a lot of societal
standards and those things don’t make me happy. So I just want this to be a message of
freedom and that you can choose again, you can change your mind and nothing is wasted. I
look at a modeling career, you say, well, how does that play into being an author or being an
executive coach for people?
And I say, well, I have a strong presence. Someone who has dealt with so much rejection. I
am someone who has had to deal with all of my insecurities that were brought up in this
career and whatever it is, but nothing is wasted. I learned modeling is a business. It’s one of
the toughest businesses that there are.
And I feel like if you can make it in that in New York City and travel the world as a model, you
can kind of do anything, in a different way. So hope that makes sense.

Meghan Houle: [00:08:44] I know you talked so beautifully about your why, and really
establishing, what you want to do and what really lights your soul on fire to keep you
moving forward.
And I love that you just said you can kind of do it at any point in your life. There’s not a
timeline there’s not an age requirement. I think a lot of people can think like, oh, I’m too old
for that. Or I can’t do that. You can pivot at any point again, the heart of this podcast, but
what do you think has been the key to your successful career pivots?
Kate Eckman: [00:09:11] I think I’ve been willing to fail and willing to not be great at
something at first, but doing the research and putting in the work that a lot of people don’t
want to do to get really good at that thing. And to study the greats and to show up
consistently. And that’s so much of it a lot of people are saying, well, I’m not reaching my
goals, or it must be nice that you’ve done this or that
or a lot of people see the end result. They see you as a model in the magazine or making a
large sum of money to be in a national commercial or whatever it is. They see you with your
published book. And everyone wants that. Everyone’s like I want to be a model. I want to be
a TV host. I want to be an author.
And all I can think is no you don’t, you cannot deal with rejection at all, or you don’t want to
give up months and months of your life without making money to give to this project. All of
the things, so I think it’s important to stay in our own lane. Be Seabiscuit, as I say, the
champion race horse who has got his blinders on who’s running his own race.
That’s what I loved about swimming. You’re in your own lane, you’re swimming your own
race. Yeah. And so really stop with all the comparison. And when you do feel the need to do
that, switch it into collaboration or to community, reach out to that person and ask how you
can help with them or ask to pick their brain and focus on what you can give rather than
what you can get.
But I think when we are, even a confidence builder that I’ve learned from all my research is
the willingness to show up and not be great yet or ever. That’s me in dance class, never
going to be great and being okay with that and not judging yourself.
Meghan Houle: [00:10:50] Yeah, but you show up, right? We’re all great at something.
But we can’t be great at everything. Right? So like you said, find your lane, run your own
race. I love that. And pivoting into another big part about what you’re doing is this amazing
coaching offering that you have in your courses. Can you talk a little bit about what inspired
you to pivot into coaching, about your programs and what someone can expect working
with you?
Kate Eckman: [00:11:17] Sure. I think it was just a natural progression with all of the deep
inner work that I was doing and all of the studying. And I decided to go back to school
because it was just like writing this book, it was a life assignment. I heard the calling and I
answered it even when it was inconvenient and challenging and expensive

switching gears again, but I really just answered the call. I think all of us are called it’s just
that not everybody is answering or they’re scared. And so what I’m finding is though, is that
when you do answer the divine life assignment, the universe steps in to really assist you and
co-create with you.
So I highly recommend stepping out and stretching your comfort zone in that way, and
knowing that you will be guided and supported, but I think I just really have this desire to
deeply connect with my people… “With my people” with people, I feel like it, hah with my
people. My people is all people, my people, but connect with people.
And that feels to me like my purpose and to have the deep conversations that lead to self
discovery and self growth and helping to really impact and energize and uplift the world.
And so I, as a journalist, was always asking questions have been just curious since birth. And
I think with coaching, you’re getting in there as a super curious person with no agenda, no
judgment asking the really difficult questions that people have never been asked before.
And it lights me up to see people grow and to transform and to actualize their full potential
and to create businesses that help the world and to have better relationships with
themselves and their families. And I think that’s why we’re here. So for me to be a conduit of
love and joy and self-expression and acceptance,
there’s no greater purpose for me. And I’m so passionate about it. And I decided to go back
to school and get a million certifications because I really want it to be the most effective and
I really wanted to take this seriously because you’re holding someone’s wellbeing in your
arms, so to speak, while you’re coaching someone.
And I think it’s important to have those credentials and to take the career very seriously in a
world where I feel now everyone and their mother was calling themselves a coach. It
concerns me.
Meghan Houle: [00:13:41] It does, well I agree with you and I did the same thing. We’re kind
of in the same ACC level, going through ICF, which is the international standard for coaching.
These are serious programs people. Well, you can attest that you have to do all the
recordings and tests. Like it’s not just like a cute little program and you get like big plaque at
the end of it, you have to do the work too. It’s a lot of learnings and you’re right
we have these wonderful people in our hands that we are really changing their lives, but to
have somebody behind that, that is truly certified and knows what they’re doing is
important because yes, there’s definitely been an uptick of coaches around all the different
things, fitness, nutrition, life, you name it.
So I appreciate your certifications I can imagine, you’re incredible to work with as I’m
working through this amazing book that I would love to pivot and dive into talking more
about The Full Spirit Workout. So can you talk a little bit about the inspiration behind this
book, putting into the universe?

I appreciate how raw and honest and vulnerable you are. It just spoke to me in so many
levels I’m like, yes, yes. You know, the same about being not enough and pleasing people
and all the things. So what was that inspiration for you to get this out there?
Kate Eckman: [00:14:55] Sure. So The Full Spirit Workout is a play on the full body workout
that we often hear advertised at the gym, but your full spirit is about your authentic truth
and power. It’s your passion and your purpose, your presence. It’s showing up like you mean
it. Like you’ve got something to say and bringing that full spirit energy to everything you do,
and to everyone you meet.
And I have a 17 year competitive swimming background and knew how hard I had to train
my physical muscles to compete at a high level. And as I went about my life and was
struggling, like some things I’ve already mentioned with self-worth and confidence and grief
and losing the two loved ones to suicide and really being scared in some ways I was going to
end up like them who, were either scared to live their truth for whatever reason. Were
putting all of their worth in the externals, and I really needed to answer these massive wake-
up calls and come up with this inner fitness program to build that unshakable, unbreakable
full embodied confidence that can only come from within.
I’m not talking about the performance confidence that I had in Spades as an on-camera
personality, where you can show up and knock it out of the park but you’re still feeling all
the insecurities and self-doubt and anxiety from within. And so I studied and studied and
studied and really just put it all into practice because I just knew there had to be a better
way of living and a better way of life, not just for myself, but for everybody.
Because when you do look around, you see how much people are struggling, now more than
ever. Actually, I think we have reached a crisis level in this country and the suicide rates are
off the chart worldwide and it saddens me deeply and I never want anyone to not feel seen
or heard or acknowledged in my presence.
And I think that’s an epidemic that we are so distracted. We’re so bombarded with negative
messaging and we don’t even take the time to see or hear or understand ourselves or accept
ourselves or acknowledge ourselves, let alone others. And that’s why this work is so
important to me. I know it’s so counterintuitive to a lot of people who are plugged into a
really toxic culture, but I think the more that we can have these conversations, the more
people are willing to expand their minds and expand their hearts and move this information,
move this knowledge from the head down into the heart.
That’s where it becomes wisdom when it lives in the body, when it lives in the bones and
then taking that action and implementation through your hands as I say, and putting this to
practice, I think there’s this notion that well, I’m already kind of successful. I’m already
pretty confident. And I think of Tom Brady, who is my age, we were both big 10 athletes at
the same time. And he is so winning super bowls. My knees hurt when I go to Pilates and
that’s me,
Meghan Houle: [00:17:36] I can barely get off the floor.

Kate Eckman: [00:17:38] Right? But Tom Brady he trains harder than anybody. Not because
he’s the worst, but because he’s the best. So I just invite you to think of who do you want to
be? And what kind of life do you want to have? Because whether you choose to believe it or
not, it really is only going to work if you choose to believe it, but you are so powerful and
you can do whatever you decide is important enough.
You’ve just forgotten somewhere along the way, but this is your gentle reminder, and you
can come back home to the truth and make that truth, your core belief, and live from that
Meghan Houle: [00:18:10] Well, I’m going to put you on the spot with a yes or no question,
and then we’re going to go to a quick break. So yes or no, do you remember the exact
moment you decided to write The Full Spirit Workout?
Kate Eckman: [00:18:21] Yes. And yes, I have two yeses to that question.
Meghan Houle: [00:18:24] Hi everybody, well, we are going to go to a quick break and we
will pick this up when we get back.
All right Kate, before the break, you said yes and yes. So tell us about those yeses.
Kate Eckman: [00:18:51] Well, as I was writing the book, and I’ll get to the second yes but
the first yes when I was writing and I was really doing some deep dives into myself, into my
spirit a story of when I was four years old at the swim club came to me and that’s where I
think The Full Spirit Workout journey really began.
And my mom had signed me up for swim lessons and I didn’t really like it. And I didn’t care
much for my instructor Mark either. And after lessons one day I overheard him talking to my
mom and from what my little four year old self could gather, Mark didn’t think I was a very
good swimmer. And it’s heartbreaking as an adult to think that I let some dude at a swim
club, give me some belief that said,
Wow. I have to really perform at a high level to be safe in the world and to be loved not only
by my parents who I want them to be proud of me, but so strangers approve of me and I can
feel valuable and worthy and loved and how I set myself up for the rest of my life, with that
mentality and made that my core belief.
And while I achieved a lot on the outside, my obsession with performance left me with this
pain of anxiety. And so I think a lot of times we do things and while we may experience some
success… At what cost? And we have to ask ourselves, at what cost? So I think of that little
four year old, and I just want to give her a hug and remind people too.
You can delete those criticisms or those beliefs and then co-create a new core belief system
and collect evidence for that. Why you are worthy, why you are good enough, which you are
just because, and make compliments, a bedrock of your confidence instead. And then
moving forward, it was several years ago, it was a year after I lost Sam to suicide and I was at

speaking retreat and putting together a speech on suicide prevention and I think even
someone said you got to write a book or it just kind of came to me. I think it was a natural
next step after writing so many different articles for different publications and really putting
myself and my story out there and sharing a lot of my vulnerabilities and getting feedback
from people who
said because of your article, I was able to get off anti-depressants or because of your article,
I was able to leave the toxic relationship or start my own business. And so I just saw that my
writing was just so much bigger than me. And even when it was hard or too much work or
didn’t have time, it was my act of service.
It was my way of connecting with people, which again is my greatest value, that deep
connection. So, yeah. The book got put in my heart by Sam and Raf, it was a promise that I
made to them to keep their memory alive and to offer that hope and celebration to
everyone who struggles with mental health.
Which turns out is everyone, really? Because none of us are I’m immune to it. It is part of the
human experience and I think just helping to erase the stigma and normalizing what it is to
have a bad day in that all of us have bad moments in dark moments and to talk about them
and to work through them, knowing that they will pass and that you do have support and
resources available to you.
Meghan Houle: [00:22:04] Without giving too much away, can you walk through the plan
and what someone will walk away with after finishing this amazing spiritual workout that
I’ve definitely started? I’m not done yet, but it’s been a really great experience for me. So
walk us through a little bit, as you can.
Kate Eckman: [00:22:19] Sure! Well thank you for reading and it is a 10 step system to shed
your self doubt, strengthen your spiritual core and create a fun and fulfilling life.
And so of course I have fun and fulfilling in the subtitle. We are having fun! I had a woman
write to me last night and said, I haven’t read a full book and years I’m always so distracted,
this and that. And she said, I read your book cover to cover in two days. I’ve never done that
in my life.
And it is a fun, easy read because I wanted to make it that way because I want people to
actually read it and actually do the exercises and actually have fun with it because just like
physical exercise, if you hate it and it sucks and it isn’t fun, you’re not going to show up and
do it. I’m a broadcast journalist, I love to talk, and so I did make it very conversational and
really people are also saying, I feel like you’re talking directly to me and I’m like, great!
That’s how I want you to feel. I want you to feel held and supported and loved and seen. It’s
so important to me to have people feel seen. So, yeah, you do go through the different steps
and there’s the stories. There’s the research. There’s the fun journaling exercises that are
heartfelt, but gritty. There’s meditations that will take you deeper into yourself for self-
reflection for relaxation and soothing.

And all of those meditations are for free. The recordings on my website at So
please take advantage of those. They’re amazing. And we have the Coach Kate check-ins
where again, you’re getting the whole person coaching techniques that I’ve learned at
Columbia and really getting you more deeply connected to yourself and ending with the
So it really is a journey. It really is an experience. What did this man say to me yesterday that
said… I’m going to steal from you. He said, this is a life resource book that you can turn to
again and again. And I agree with that because. I am the author and I turn to this book again
and again, and I think that’s part of it.
There’s no like, oh, I wrote this book. I’m so enlightened. I don’t have to work at anything
anymore. And again, it’s like Tom Brady. It’s like the person with the six pack abs you have to
keep working at it. And I do. And if I have a down moment, I sit down and read an exercise
or go through a meditation and it really does bring you back to center and powers you and
nurtures you.
So I could go on and on, but I think the main takeaway is just you will feel that inner
strengthening, you will see and feel and experience your relationships improving. You will
become the person who naturally attracts the things that you deserve and desire this whole
notion of striving and forcing and controlling and making things happen.
We’re done with that. We’re releasing that we are now calmly becoming the person who can
have what we actually want, because we’ve become the person who can have that. Does
that make sense?
Meghan Houle: [00:25:06] Yeah. No, absolutely. And I’d love the meditations. I mean, I’ll tell
you relaxation I used to think was like a candy bar at CVS, I’m like, that’s cute along with
I’m like, oh, is that another candy bar? Yeah, meditation is not for everybody. But I think this
book is so helpful because it really gives you those moments to say, okay, stop break. Think
about these things and you put yourself in like a, just a really great head space and it takes
time and practice.
It’s not comfortable for everybody, but I really think that in some form, as we talked about in
the intro, just giving yourself a quiet moment, really getting clear on your thoughts. It’s so
important. And maybe you can give us some other tips on some days, as you’re a guided
meditator and is certainly somebody who have those days where you’re feeling really
anxious or kind of down and out, what are some tips the listeners can take to put
themselves in a better space. If they’re feeling really anxious?
Kate Eckman: [00:25:58] Sure. I think one is a powerful tool known as reframing, which I
think people are familiar with. And I’ve had a massive reframe around my perfectionism,
which had this negative connotation and my friend Natasha helped me reframe that.
She said, you consider yourself a perfectionist because you care, you have a great respect
for mastery. And so when she said those words, I thought respect for mastery that has such

a positive connotation. Like I do care. I do want to put in the work because I care about the
results and impacting people in a powerful way.
So a way to get to that reframe: so let’s say you’re like, oh my gosh, I’m so anxious. There’s
two powerful words that can, as I say, help you boost your mental metabolism and convert
positive thought patterns into positive energy rather than negative thought patterns, which
drain our energy and suck the life out of us.
So I think if you can say. What if I wasn’t anxious? What if this was just a way to show me
that I need to leave this job? What if my anxiety was protecting me? What if I actually can
lean into trust and know that I have everything it takes to move into a different space? What
if I could take a 20 minute break and lie down and take a nap?
What if I asked someone else to pick the kids up at school so that I can take a half-hour
break? What if, what if, what if, and even as I say that these possibilities, you move into a
different place that just feels so much better and you’re like, oh, I could do this. Even a
reframe at dance class, when the instructor said to me, Let’s start with failure and I’m like,
oh that I can do no problem.
Great. I’ve got that under control. So yeah, having fun with that. And I think too, we focus so
much on what we don’t have and where we’re lacking. And I did a lot of research around
what brings us joy and so making the joy list, it’s different from the gratitude list, even and
when I asked over a hundred people, not one person brought up their shiny objects.
It was things like my morning coffee with my husband and the dog, or one woman I’ll never
forget, she said, watching my two year old watching the bees do their job and seeing the
awe and wonder and his eyes. So these simple pleasures, and I take myself to places I’ve
been on vacation and put myself in that mentality or animals certainly boost our endorphins.
So I think if we could just spend time doing those things and it sounds so simple because it
is, but it isn’t easy because our culture says, no you need more, better, different, you need
more money, better looks. You need to have more likes and followers on Instagram. In fact,
why don’t you log into Instagram and compare yourself to everyone and feel really crappy
and then buy a bunch of stuff you don’t need.
Meghan Houle: [00:28:41] You’re not married yet, you don’t have kids. You have no job.
Yeah turn Instagram off everyone. Just silence that little app. Yeah, I agree with you. Well,
for any listeners looking to career pivot, we have a lot of people that tune in, and first of all, I
feel like we’re going to be listening to this podcast and over, over just like your book.
Cause those are some great tips on ways to get out of feeling anxious, but maybe for
somebody starting an interview process do you think this book would be helpful for them to
read and why?
Kate Eckman: [00:29:10] Absolutely because we’re really addressing less tangible roadblocks
that are getting in our way, whether we realize it or not. Half the time, we don’t even realize
the overwhelming anxiety and stress, the exhaustion, the feelings of self doubt, the fear, all
of those things that block us and they block our blessings.

People’s jealousy, judgment, comparison, resentment, anger. These things are blocking your
blessings, but you think it’s because you haven’t been to Harvard or have 80 years of
experience in this career path. So I think when you can move through these less tangible
roadblocks, get to the core of who you are, develop that self-worth and confidence from
within focus on what you can give rather than what you can get.
You show up in a room and we know this at this point, or I think of athletics when I got to
Penn State, everyone was a high school state champion. Everyone had Olympic trial cuts. So
it’s like, okay, what’s going to differentiate you and bring you success. Well, it was how hard
you worked and are you having fun?
So I hear some people talk about that they’re not fulfilling their, their goals and achieving
what they’d like to achieve. They show up with no energy, no enthusiasm. I’m like, I feel like
you say you want this thing. You sound an act as though you don’t even care. So I think really
being honest with yourself about what kind of energy and enthusiasm you’re bringing to the
table and think about it.
If you’re hiring someone, Meghan, today, and we all have the exact same credentials, who
are you going to hire? You’re going to hire the person who showed up with some energy,
someone you’re like, wow. I’d like to work with Kate every day. She’s fun, she has great
energy. I feel like she listens. She respects me.
I think sometimes we’re just working so hard to prove ourselves that we’re not even
listening to the person who’s interviewing us. And that can be a huge turnoff.
Meghan Houle: [00:30:55] I mean, you have to put yourself in a good mindset too, to get
through the interview process and you can’t go in with that negative energy, right? I feel like
that is so felt on the other side as well. It’s just so important to do that deep work in
yourself. ,Show up, enthusiastically, just make sure you’re in a good place.
Kate Eckman: [00:31:12] Yeah, and I think really hone your trust muscle and trust that
rejection is steering you to an opportunity that’s better for you like a roadblock, that’s
something else. And I think the more that you can lean into trust and surrender, and as I like
to say, being okay if it happens and okay if it doesn’t is a very powerful place to be, and not
just understanding that intellectually, but understanding it and your body and truly believing
that if this isn’t happening for me, then something else will and trusting in the divine timing.
I think of things I didn’t get what I wanted and maybe never got them or got them at a later
time. I think, thank God, because I needed that life experience. I needed those credentials. I
needed all of the things that I gained and gathered in that year delay.
So to speak that made my project even better that made this book even better. So just think
about when you do feel that you’re in that pause or you’re in that no space that if you allow
it, you are developing the skill set that will make you the right person for an even better
opportunity or relationship, but you have to trust and believe that, not just be like, yeah,
that’s cute thing to post on Instagram.

Meghan Houle: [00:32:21] Right, move on, right. Wow what a powerful way to end. And I
do love that statement being okay if it doesn’t work out and being okay if it does, or it
doesn’t. I love that. I saw that in the book actually yesterday as I was reading through. So I’m
thank you for bringing that to light and to our listeners.
Definitely a must read if you’re really looking to do some deep inner work and, in closing
Kate, what’s next for you? How can someone find you connect with you, learn more about
coaching? Tell us a little bit more about how the listeners can engage with you and where
we can find you.
Kate Eckman: [00:32:54] Sure. So what’s next for me is to continue to try to get this book in
front of as many people as possible. I believe in the message so much. I see how its really
positively affecting people and transforming lives and relationships. So I’m just thrilled. If,
and when you love it, please share it with a friend or family member or your organization.
And I’m starting to work with younger kids because I think we need to learn these tools and
skills at a younger age. I see young people filled with anxiety and insecurity and we’ve got to
really come up with a better way of living here, which I’ve outlined in the book. So doing that
and I love my coaching clients and I just love connecting with people like you and your
listeners, and really giving everyone a big energetic hug and that reminder of how powerful
you are, and let’s have fun with life.
And let’s make a difference in our life, in the world around us and know that we can do that.
You have everything you need right now and, let’s get to work and really support one
another. You can find me at everywhere on the web, under Kate Ekman on
social. And if you want more information about the book, it’s, and I
would love to connect with you online!
Meghan Houle: [00:34:04] Well, thank you so much, Kate, for all of that and for sharing your
amazing career pivot stories and all that you’re putting out in the universe with your
incredible talents and voice and coaching offerings. I highly recommend everyone checking
out Kate’s book, The Full Spirit Workout, especially if you’re looking for a system to
absolutely shed that self-doubt strengthen your spiritual core because Kate, we all deserve
to live a fun and fulfilling life.
Amen. So thank you for being with us today!
Kate Eckman: [00:34:31] Amen sister! Thank you so much for having me, you’re amazing.
Thank you for being such a joy in the world, Meghan.
Meghan Houle: [00:34:36] Awe, it’s my pleasure. Thank you right back.

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