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Productivity Secrets of Female Millionaires Summit Creator- Alex Lianne Carter

Alex Lianne Carter, High-Performance Productivity NeuroCoach™, is bringing together 25+ Experts & Top Influencers who are sharing their TOP SECRETS with you on Mindset, Finances, Scaling, Leadership, Productivity Habits for FEMALE MILLIONAIRES.

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You will walk away with 25+ action steps that will make a BIG impact on your productivity and help you gain back more time in your day and SCALE to your first MILLION DOLLARS.

Read more about the inspiration behind bringing these powerhouse females together and what you can expect from joining in on these conversations!

What is something you are really proud of you have navigated through in your own career pivot?

I experienced my burnout in the Fall 2019. I felt very lost.

In some ways, I could have just let everything that happened to me happened to me. But I wanted to fix myself, I wanted to be better.  I wanted to be the motivated, passionate individual that I am.

So I pressed pause and set out on a self-discovery journey to understand a little bit more how I can help other women,  it was something I was always very passionate about…. helping other people, inspiring other people, being a cheerleader, that’s where the name Ambition Unleashed for my company comes from because I do believe in everybody’s unique potential.

I’ve always been on my own unique journey and I realized by being able to coach other women like myself and be that support tool to hold women to the vision that they desire and to help them see that it really is possible.

Now when I get to work with my clients and I help them through the neuro coaching model through my method which is called the achievement mindset method, working with high achievers and the things that come up for us within limiting beliefs as high achievers that really stand in our way. Working to get my clients to take that purposeful fearless, aligned, impactful action.

It just lights me up. I think that’s what I’m really proud.

We all have choices in life when we can either take the easy way or take the hard way. And in some ways, it would have been easy to just go back to the way things were, because our brains are wired to keep us in safe mode so in some ways, the hard way is actually the easy way.

I’m so excited to venture down the path of entrepreneurship because it isn’t easy is very unknown which sometimes can cause a bit of anxiety to have that fear of the unknown, but I choose to reframe it and talk about the excitement, the unlimited number of possibilities that are out there.

I get to create and help other female high achievers and women become unleashed, be able to truly step into their purpose and their passion, be able to live their life to the fullest, and make that impact they want to make on this world.

Tell us more about the inspiration to bring this event together!

I found that a common goal that came out of their vision was to build to either become a female millionaire or to build a million dollar business to create more impact in the world. 

The idea of becoming a Female Millionaire is overwhelming.

We hear that a lot with high achievers in order to be successful, we need to work hard, we need to work 12 hour days, six, seven days a week.

I started to realize that there were a lot of things that female entrepreneurs as entrepreneurs that we just don’t know. We tend to learn a lot through the process of the journey of being an entrepreneur and this is where the idea of productivity secrets of female millionaires came about.

I was thinking if I have this goal of becoming a female millionaire and my clients have this goal of becoming female millionaires I want to talk to some female millionaires or those that are on the journey of becoming female millionaires to find out what their productivity secrets are in order to have gotten to that level to scale, without ending up overworked and burnt out along with the process.

That’s where sort of the journey began to put this event together.

How did you come up with your speaking topics you are offering?

I was thinking about common themes that were coming up with my clients and myself, that’s where I came up with the pillars of Mastering YOUR Million-Dollar Mindset.

The first pillar is looking at your leadership as CEOs of businesses, developing our leadership skills is important.

I wanted to dive into what does that look like to have leadership skills as a female entrepreneur, (female millionaire entrepreneur) and throughout this summit I was realizing a lot of times on this entrepreneur journey, we end up coming to it with our corporate mindset and realizing we need to shift into a CEO mindset and leadership kind of ties into that.

Then after leadership was Finances.

Again, this seemed to be a common theme in terms of even looking at my own finances for my business. I started to do some research and as I was looking for speakers to talk on finance, I was learning so much I was just not aware of and realized had I’ve known this when I started, I may be in a different position in my business right now and finances might look a little bit differently… so I got really excited about diving into finances.

From Finances, in order to scale to that point of a millionaire it’s going to take having the right systems in place, the idea of finding ways to work 20% of the time to create 80% of your results.

It is important when we’re looking at scaling and the systems that we use in order to automate in order to streamline, to make things run behind the scenes so that we can spend our time as entrepreneurs and coaches client facing and doing what we love to do.

And then the last piece of course was diving into high performance, productivity habits.  What are some of these behind-the-scenes habits that these female millionaires incorporate in their day?

If you want to become a female millionaire, you need to be acting like and building habits that female millionaires have and that’s where the productivity habits of the high performing came in.

I did a lot of research actually prior to finalizing my pillars….a lot of googling of productivity secrets of millionaires and female millionaires and what millionaires have in common.  One particular factor that I was really looking for was that the women that I interviewed really led by service and their impact goals. That was something that I was really looking for throughout.

What can someone expect when signing up and how does one register?

Go to the website link in this email, sign up and you’ll get a confirmation email!

The Summit runs from Sunday May 16 until May 20th and every morning at 7am EST you will receive an email in your inbox.  

In that email is a link that will bring you to a page where all of the interviews for the day are stored.  On that same page, you will also have a link to a freebie that all the speakers have generously donated to this summit that will accompany sort of the topic of their interview, and then you simply press play and listen to the interviews.

There’s also an amazing Facebook community called productivity secrets of high achieving females and in there I will be going live every day at 9:30pm EST, to do a recap and a summary of the interviews for that day, I’ll be there live to ask, answer any questions! We’ll be doing drawing some prizes for participation.

There will also be an action step to take because knowledge without action is passive knowledge.  To actually put things into motion we need to take action.

There’ll be a post where I invite people to share their takeaways. I love doing this because then it lets me share with the speakers actually what people are saying about their interviews and the impact that they’re creating.  

I also have some speakers who have signed up to do live q&a as well inside of the Facebook community so that’s exciting.

We’ve got quite a lineup of speakers who have given more of their time to be able to respond and connect with the attendees of the summit.

The interviews each day is a different pillar, those interviews are then available for 24 hours. However, you also have an opportunity to purchase an all-access pass and that will give you lifetime access to the video interviews. 

The interviews you can also listen to like a podcast and you will receive a transcript of the interview as well.

It is sometimes nice to have that so you can go back and find a quote that you really liked or for me when I’m taking the notes it’s nice to kind of see, more specifically, the words that were being said.

You also get a workbook and inside the workbook. I put some of the key takeaways in those action steps that each speaker has kind of given to the audience after they’ve listened to the interview.

Who should sign up for this event, what are they struggling with?

This event is for any female high achiever, who feels stuck, who feels like they’re spinning on autopilot. They are capable of more, but yet for some reason, there’s just something standing in their way of actually taking that action.

If you find that you seem to be constantly searching for the next productivity hack to be able to save time so that you can achieve more.

If you’re someone who’s very driven, you know you have big goals but yet you still find something coming up that’s preventing you from achieving them.

Honestly, I have had a transformation myself after these interviews, and just really had a perspective shift.

Any female out there that wants to step into what they’re capable of and not burn out in the process.  They want to figure out how they can do it without having to expense their health, expense a cost of a friendship or their relationships, those that truly want to have that life and business of their dreams. I would say that this is an event for them.

Sign up and join the FREE Event to learn more about how to manage your productivity, mindset, leadership skills and boundaries to step into your best life.  There is something for everyone, trust me!

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