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From “Jack” of all jobs, to PMF Master of all things Fitness.

Peter Mollo Master Trainer and Owner of PMF Fitness in Johnston, RI.

From “Jack” of all jobs, to PMF Master of all things Fitness.

Do you remember your first time walking into a gym? 

Was it in your High School? A local studio? A national chain? YMCA?

I must admit, coming from an athletic family I always loved the gym, even as a young teen. 

It was a place I could go to accomplish a goal. 

Whether I wanted to run faster, rock a step aerobics class choreography (ok people we are talking about the 90s)…or dare I go into the “special” weights room that for me at the time, was very scary.

What always stuck out to me given my young experience as a gym-goer was that I saw this incredible community brought together by fitness within the loyal clients that would show up as a part of their daily routine, who looked forward to seeing their gym friends sharing in similar goals. 

It was something I looked forward to everyday.

Fast forward to today and my love for fitness still exists.

I had the pleasure of joining in on a Peter Mollo Fitness class over the Summer of 2020 when things were on the upside for a moment during COVID and quite frankly, I needed to get the heck out of the house. 

Not only did I fall in love with the PMF programming, but I felt I found a trainer in Peter Mollo who truly listened to me, cared about my goals and wanted to work with me to correct the things (through my various surgeries) I was needing to adjust in my routine in order to get stronger.

What I did not know at the time but have learned up to this point, is the story behind PMF….

The grit, resilience and can-do attitude Peter possess that led to his journey in bringing Peter Mollo Fitness to life.

Peter’s success is measured through his clients results, not his own personal fitness agenda.

He shows up EVERYDAY to bring his best self to his classes, loyal clientele and incredible PMF community that is fearlessly supportive of all things PMF and look forward to his daily classes which he has carefully created to cater to all fitness abilities. 

Peter Mollo Fitness also has a world class team of other trainers and instructors that live and breathe quality and excellence, no doubt an example led by Peter and his mentorship, caring of their best interest and support of wanting to see his team win and succeed in all they do at PMF.

Join in on our video, highlighting Peter’s journey to creating PMF where we talk all things fitness, spreading the love for his PMF community, and why you must drop your ego if you truly want to be successful in this business (or any business for that matter)….