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Pandemic Pivoting

It has not been easy out there my friends. I am with you.

Nothing about this time has been smooth sailing. I often reference the High Highs and Low Lows as the “CoronaCoaster”.

As true-blue retailers motivated by results and leading successful teams…

We LOVE to work and those still in a job search or looking for that career pivot are wondering when is it going to be their time to sign on the dotted line followed by 2 powerful words… “I accept”.

I too was thrust into uncertain waters at the start of this pandemic when jobs were being put on hold and offers were rescinded.

Clients had to make the tough decision to furlough employees, leaving many people without jobs for the first time (and for some an exceptionally long time), which put the recruiting need for our support to the side.

In early April, seeing the Pandemic’s immediate impact on our industry I knew it was my time to pivot.

In moments like these, holding on to my retailer resilience, I jumped in head first to create programs and webinars, sharing my industry expertise ranging from College Grads to Sr. Executives and everyone in-between looking to create a new career journey for themselves in taking action steps to Get Hired SOON!

On top of hosting my programs, I took the opportunity to become an ACC certified Career and Business coach through the World Coach Institute as a compliment to what I am able to do with my expertise on the recruiting side. I wanted to become an ultimate resource and one-stop-shop for all things career, business, and personal development.

In having the ACC accreditation under my belt, I was able to successfully launch my Meghan Houle-Method Private and Group Coaching platform ( allowing me to continue to serve on another level, wonderful clients looking for extra support and guidance as they navigate the challenging and uncertain job market waters.

At the Bowerman Group, in conjunction with my team, we also have launched an incredible online subscription resource for Career Development-The BG Hiring Lab

A digital online tool to our curated professional recruitment documents including interview preparation, resume updating, and career mapping guidelines you can use at ANY stage in your job search now and into the future.

For the first time, opening our recruiting doors to serve those not just in active projects working one on one with our team members, but an entire global network with an easy to access, career resource library that is relevant for any industry job seekers.

In my Pandemic Pivot I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity take this moment to step up to serve beyond what I thought was possible, to support, motivate and inspire those who need it the most.

If you are feeling down and out in your search efforts.

If you are wondering how you can pivot, and the action steps you can take NOW to make that happen.

If you are struggling to get your resume in front of the right people.

If you are not getting the job because of your lack of skills or “over-qualifications”….

If you need someone to help guide you through the tricky interview process…

If you want to say out loud “I accept…”

I am here for you.

We have so many resources available.

Fill out my contact form to connect and let’s decide which one is best for you! I have pivoted in this Pandemic, and so can YOU.