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Founder, Creator, Coach- Meghan Houle

Unapologetically Authentic. 

It has taken me a long time to embrace what makes me unique. 

For much of my life I was all about conforming, fitting in spaces and boxes even if I was not comfortable just to make someone happy or to “follow the corporate guidelines”. 

I was the epitome of a People Pleaser. 

Fast forward to today and a lot of work on myself, I am living with more confidence in sharing my unique talents openly and feeling the MOST comfortable in my own skin than I ever have in my life….owning who I am, unapologetically.

My story started at an incredibly young age.  

I always had an acute awareness that I was put on this earth to serve.

This year (dare I say it out loud) 2020, has shifted my perspective to explore a direction I would not have even considered, yet given the current environment we are living in with so much uncertainty and loss hitting the non-essential work force in ways we have never experienced before, I knew it was my time to pivot my unique talents to extend services to those in need of extra support. 

And now here I stand, creator of my NEW offering to compliment what I manage on the talent development/recruiting side of my business… the Meghan Houle-Method a one stop shop for Career, Personal Development and Business Coaching, building my community of #MethodMasters!

Why NOW, Why ME you ask?

Because I love people and helping them maximize their highest potential in life for whatever stage they are in.  I also possess an incredible amount of empathy and compassion for all situations.

I have put my METHODs of success to practice over my 20+ year career starting early on as a leader of high-profile teams, to a top Sr. Executive Recruiter in North America (placing talent in the luxury, specialty and consumer retail industry) which has led me on my path I am on to continue to serve….. adding now COACH to my multi-hyphenated experience.

The road to this point, however, was not paved with yellow bricks.

My story is one of trauma to triumph and I would not change one thing about my experiences, even at my lowest point.  The struggle is what gives us the strength and resilience to keep going because we have no choice otherwise and those lessons you take with you on your entire life’s journey. It also fills you with incredible grace and gratitude.  How far I have come to this point, still amazes me.  When no one bets on you, you must bet on yourself.

I am forever grateful for all the highs and lows that have molded me into my most unapologetically authentic self I am living today.

A few things I put into practice to become more Unapologetically Authentic

First, I hired a COACH. 

Real Talk: Coaches need coaches.  Everyone needs a coach in my opinion.

I took the time to look at my story, then re-wrote it with a new narrative. 

Mindset is so important as you go through a transformation as no action or intention is as meaningful until you start seeing the offering of the universe through different eyes.  The manifestation of all that you desire is available if you are living in alignment of your authentic self.  

How we talk to ourselves, how we treat ourselves, our habits, all support this alignment and if you are still holding on to negative self-talk internally in your day to day, you are resisting against your own wishes. 

Real Talk: If you are resisting yourself, all that you desire is not going to happen. 

It took me a LONG TIME to stop burning the candles at both ends.  I was resisting myself all that was possible because I was holding onto the thoughts that if I did not have the most productive day EVERY DAY that I was lazy and unworthy of success.  Finding that more time at the computer, only focused on making a lot of money doing everything possible to “be productive” was only working AGAINST me.

Real Talk: When your SELF-WORTH is tied to your NET-WORTH, it is a slippery slope on the path to burn-out and job/life frustration.

That mindset is how I have lived a good part of my life.

I get it, for some living in this burnt out mode (aka Scarcity) it is hard to see that the universe is abundant and that things happen FOR YOU, not TO YOU when something does not go your way. 

I have been there, but I am not anymore.

Shifting my mindset and perspective has allowed me to leverage my talents further to serve even more people, and I am just getting started.

I prioritize REST, say NO more, say HECK YES to things that give me continued peace and satisfaction. 

I am not living life trying to fit in, but to trailblaze my own way, create my own path, harness my own voice to serve for the greater good. 

Real Talk: You must FEEL good to do good!

I am so excited to use my #MethodMaster blog to share the stories of others that have struggled through life, yet manifested greatness, built tremendous businesses, landed their dream jobs and are living Unapologetically Authentic to uplift and inspire this community in all that is possible if you get out of your own way and step into your greatness truly believing you are worthy and deserving.

Let us take this journey together!

Thanks for being here.

With Gratitude, xx